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Kilmuir and Logie Easter Community Council covers the geographical area of the former parishes of Kilmuir Easter and Logie Easter, the area covered by the present day Kilmuir and Logie Easter Parish Church. It comprises the villages and rural areas of Milton, Kildary, Barbaraville, Balintraid, Delny, Scotsburn, Lamington, Logie Hill, Newfield, and Arabella. Due to the industrial development of the area in the 1970s, with the construction of the Invergordon Aluminium Smelter and the Nigg Oil Construction Yard, the population of the area grew significantly, with the village of Milton in particular being considerably expanded.

Where 5 schools served the area a century ago, there is now one school, Milton Primary School, with secondary education being provided by the nearby Invergordon and Tain Academies. The major employers in the area are Ken’s Garage at Kildary, together with the various local farms, though they now employ a fraction of their previous work force. There are four small shops scattered around the distict, a bark factory, a workshop making pine furniture, and various home-based enterprises, but otherwise most of the population travels to work outside the area.

In the early 1900s there were two churches for each of the Church of Scotland, the United Free Church of Scotland, and the Free Church of Scotland. Now there is only the one Church of Scotland congregation, which uses two buildings month about, and is a significant force in community life.

Milton village, as the largest population centre, besides having the primary school, has a bowling club and Milton Inn, one of two pubs in the area, the other being the Shandwick Inn. It also has a Community House, which is a major centre for a wide range of community activities, ranging from ante-natal classes through various tool lending schemes and a second hand clothes rack to computer classes and an after-school club.

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