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Pirate or Sailors grave

By Douglas Gordon

When we were kids our mother took us down to see the Pirate’s grave on shore between Ballone Castle and Rockfield Village, my mother brought a Doctor friend from Edinburgh down to see it a long time ago and he took some bones away to get them examined and it was dog bones.

The other story is the sailor’s grave which I have been told about, it was an unknown sailor who had drowned and because they did not know his religion he could not be buried in sacred ground so he was buried near where he was found on shore.

Rockfield shore Grave. GPS  NH92673-83414

The ‘gravestone is down amongst the whins and gorse and it is best approached by going down to Rockfield village and then following the coast north.

Here is another local legend and mystery, known locally as the ‘Pirates Grave’.

We do not know exactly what it is or when the ‘grave’ was dug.  Could it be a Bronze or Iron Age cist burial?  Could it indeed be a pirate’s grave?

Why not explore and take a look for yourself?